About District Home Pro

At District Home Pro, we inspect your home so that we can help you protect yourself. You are making a serious decision about the health and safety of your family, and we will be rigorous, receptive, respectful, and eager to help you understand the repairs and upgrades that will improve the safety and function of your home – whether you are buying to live in or invest.

Knowing More Can Put You At Ease

One of the best and most profitable decisions you can make is to hire a home inspector. But what does a home inspector do for you? Good inspectors don’t “pass” or “fail” homes–they help you make sense of a home. When you think about it, houses are hard to build, and hard to maintain. A good inspection helps you prioritize the repairs and upgrades that will improve the safety and functionality of your new home so that you can manage those improvements well. When you know more, you can make better decisions about what your home is worth. Most importantly, you can plan and prepare, which will set your mind at ease.

Is Your Investment Wise?

With all the Do-It-Yourself shows on TV nowadays, most consumers are aware that while they are seriously interested in investing in a home, the truth is they know very little about how a house functions! How are you supposed to know if you are buying a house or a house-shaped problem? Do you know enough about the structure and systems in a house to recognize something that is not right?

At District Home Pro, our inspectors know how to see the evidence visible in a home – and and even more importantly– we know how to interpret that evidence for you clearly. We apply our training and experience to visually verify that the components and equipment in your home have been installed normally and are performing well.

The True Value Of An Inspection

District Home Pro provides information that you need to understand so that you can maximize the performance of your home before you buy. After our inspection, you will be able to decide if you need to repair or upgrade your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to meet your needs. We will help you understand the signs of past structural problems, on-going safety risks, and—sometimes—health concerns before they get huge. When there are problems which need to be solved, our inspectors take the time to teach you the things you need to know when you speak to the contractors and professionals who will make specific plans for improvements. We understand that anxiety is normal when buying or selling a home and – as your home inspector – we want you to know that you are not alone. When you hire District Home Pro, you will have an experienced inspector who deserves your trust and will help you gain the confidence and understanding you need to make a good decision.

Working With District Home Pro

Booking an inspection is easy. We communicate clearly so you know when to arrive and how to dress. We tour the home with you and provide answers to your questions and talk about your concerns. You may have questions about the inspection process, our presentation, paying for the inspection or what you should do with the results. Please refer to our FAQ page.

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