Planning to Invest

Before You Invest. Both our Single-Family Home and our Multi-Unit Building Investor’s Inspection are designed specifically for investors who plan on purchasing for rental, for renovation, and/or for resale. This inspection is similar to a Buyer’s Inspection in that you get a detailed description of the physical aspects of your investment.

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The Value Of Your Investment

During this inspection we also focus on the aspects of the property which impact the property’s value, as well as clear safety and functionality solutions. You can arrange for property tour but we will also produce a focused report. This report takes into account the upgrades needed in individual systems, as well as a top-sheet summary of the condition of the property. We printout factors that may affect your ability to resell.

A full floor plan and 3-D Matterport® dollhouse scan and a Repair Pricer® repair estimate can be included as part of your services so that you can have robust and informed conversations with your contractors and architects

Why District Home Pro?

We go a step further when we perform an Investor’s Inspection. Because the resale value of the home is critical, we make sure to give the investor a detailed report that not only includes the present condition of the home, but what areas of knowledge are critical to an investor’s ability to resell the property.

What’s Covered In Buyer’s Inspection?

As with all of our inspections and assessments, we examine these parts of your home:

  • Indications of System Malfunctions and Structural Problems
  • Upgrades to the Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC System
  • Equipment and Appliances’ Respective Life Cycles
  • Meaningful Interior and Exterior Surface Flaws
  • Condition of the Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • State of the Roof and Property Drainage

PLEASE NOTE: For Buyer’s Inspection, the client should arrive at the assigned Presentation time and not before.

Working With District Home Pro

Booking an inspection is easy. We communicate clearly so you know when to arrive and how to dress. We tour the home with you and provide answers to your questions and talk about your concerns. You may have questions about the inspection process, our presentation, paying for the inspection or what you should do with the results. Please refer to our FAQ page.

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