Making An Offer

Before You Make An Offer

District Home Pro offers Walk & Talks for clients who are ready to buy a home. This assessment gives the information you need before making an offer – even if your purchase contract won’t have a home inspection contingency!

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Why Schedule A Walk & Talk?

In an ideal world, a home inspection should be included in your purchase contract as a condition of closing. When the real estate market is hot and an inspection threatens your purchasing power, a Walk & Talk helps you understand the house better, before making your offer. As we tour the property together, our inspectors share their impression of the property, which is based on the age, type, and condition of the house components as well as the quality of workmanship in the home and the repairs it might need before or after you buy. You get a published a summary of your Walk & Talk that includes pictures documenting the equipment and finishes, utility services, and condition of the building structure and roofing material, as well as copious notes from the conversation with our inspector.

What’s Covered In A Walk & Talk?

We provide focused and relevant information that you can use to tailor your offer – based on the size and number of system upgrades you believe the home will need. As with all of our inspections and assessments, we examine these parts of your home:

  • Indications of System Malfunctions and Structural Problems
  • Upgrades to the Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC System
  • Equipment and Appliances’ Respective Life Cycles
  • Meaningful Interior and Exterior Surface Flaws
  • Condition of the Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • State of the Roof and Property Drainage

Working With District Home Pro

Booking an inspection is easy. We communicate clearly so you know when to arrive and how to dress. We tour the home with you and provide answers to your questions and talk about your concerns. You may have questions about the inspection process, our presentation, paying for the inspection or what you should do with the results. Please refer to our FAQ page.

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