How A Home Inspection Protects You

While every home inspection is a little different, depending on where you are in the home buying process, in general, a home inspection provides a thorough review of the property. A home inspection results in a report containing elevant information that a buyer or seller can use to tailor an offer – based on the condition of the home and the system upgrades you believe the home will need.

How an inspection works

When you choose a home inspector, you may have questions about the process. It’s always a good idea to write down your questions and schedule some time with the inspector to get some answers.

Your inspection report

A home inspection may take a few days to complete, but soon afterwards, you would normally get a report. It’s important to get a report in writing, as it will give you valuable information you will need to discuss with your agent and other parties.

Why use a professional?

While potential home buyers may have viewed numerous houses and know exactly what they are looking for in a home, it can be very hard to see past the finishes, design and layout of the house. Knowing how the house operates – the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, roof and other systems – is beyond the normal scope of knowledge for most potential home buyers. And without even knowing it, our emotions concerning the house can interfere with an impartial inspection of the home. A professional inspector tours the property, taking an assessment of the condition of the home based on its age, type and quality of workmanship in the home. Professional inspectors also document the work they do, which generally includes photos and copious notes concerning their findings.

Your Negotiation Tool

The report provided by your inspector, combined with the information you gather as you tour the home with the inspector, provides information about the home that you can bring in to the negotiations surrounding the purchase or sale of the home. As a result of a professional inspection, you are firmly aware of the structure and systems within the home. You have a better understanding of how the home works – an understanding that is both complete and impartial.

What A Home Inspector Won’t Do

For the most part, your home inspector should not discourage you from buying a home. Nor are they there to encourage you. Instead, a home inspector’s job is to give you as much information as possible to help you make decisions. As a result, you can more confidently proceed into the sale or purchase of a home. You are more firmly aware of the structure and systems within the home, and you have a better understanding of what the future brings. A home inspection is the most direct route to get a professional and impartial review of the condition of the home you are buying or selling. Whatever the results of the inspection, it’s better to have the knowledge up front, then to have regrets later.

Working With District Home Pro

Booking an inspection is easy. We communicate clearly so you know when to arrive and how to dress. We tour the home with you and provide answers to your questions and talk about your concerns. You may have questions about the inspection process, our presentation, paying for the inspection or what you should do with the results. Please refer to our FAQ page.

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